What?  It’s fun! It’s a team sport. It is known as the Sport of Reading!
Kids’ Lit Quiz is a major celebration of books and reading. It motivates readers to keep reading widely and in more depth as they pit their (teams) knowledge against other schools for fabulous book prizes, cash and the opportunity to travel and compete world wide.
                                     Team Canada at the KLQ World Final in July 2011.
Why? The Kids’ Lit Quiz™ celebrates and rewards reading. It offers reading challenges. 
It broadens literary awareness. It encourages positive attitudes towards reading. It’s great fun!
It motivates students to read. It’s highly motivating and engaging for both boys and girls. 
It increases traffic in libraries. It encourages the formation of school book clubs and gives them goals!
Who? Teams of avid readers in Grades 4 through 8 can compete. Teams are usually selected from school book clubs. Contestants must be over 10 and under 14 years old by July 1, 2021
to compete at the 2012 Kids’ Lit Quiz World Final.  Other students in the book club can serve as coaches, trainers and fans. 
                                              Maurice Cody Kids’ Lit Quiz Club
When? Kids’ Lit Quiz (KLQ) Canada 2013 will be held February 4 through 7, 2013 in Toronto,Ontario Canada. Heats and a final competition will take place in February 2013. The Kids’ Lit Quiz World Final will be held in July 4, 2021 in South Africa. 
If you missed the 2012 competition have a look at the article about the event on theTDSB Facebook or website or check out this article in the Toronto Star. It was an exciting event attended by over 170 avid readers plus their coaches, fans and supporters! KLQ Team Canada will travel to Auckland New Zealand to compete in the Kids’ Lit Quiz World Final.
Where? Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada  2012 was hosted by John Ross Robertson Public School in Toronto. The inaugural KLQ Canada was hosted by Maurice Cody Public School in Toronto.
The Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada 2013 venue will be announced later this year.
The World Finals will be held in Auckland New Zealand in 2012, Cape Town South Africa in 2013
and Oxford England in 2014.
How?  Teams of  four students work together to write down the answer to questions
posed by the Quiz Master, Wayne Mills. There are 10 categories of 10 questions based on any children’s book. Teams learn the category topics minutes before the quiz.
Answers and results are awarded after each round. Competitors and fans have the chance to win cash and book prizes!
The best way to prepare for the quiz is to read, read, read! 
Detailed information about Kids’ Lit Quiz world wide at: www.kidslitquiz.com
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       Kids’ Lit Quiz ™ Canada          The Sport of Reading 
          February 4 to 7, 2013 
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