Your school’s team trip to the Kids’ Lit Quiz World Final could be made 
       using Aeroplan Mile donations! 
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Contact the National Coordinator at to arrange for other donations.
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             Next Event  February 4 to 7 2013
John Ross Robertson Public School  in Toronto Ontario hosted the 2012 Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada on February 7, 2012.
The Kids Lit Quiz Canada 2013 
event will take place in heats with a National Final the week of February 4 to 7 2013.
2013 venues to be announced.

Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada
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2013Entry Form KLQ-2.doc 
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Schools may enter one or two teams of four students each.
Students must be over 10  and under 14 years of age by July 1, 2021 to compete in Kids’ Lit Quiz 2013.
Registration Fee of $100 per team
must accompany entry form.
Winning Team to Represent Canada
The winning team from Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada will be asked to represent Canada at the 
Kids’ Lit Quiz World Final
in Auckland New Zealand, in July 2012, in Cape Town South Africa in 2013.
Look here for details from the last Kids’ Lit Quiz World Finals. Kids’ Lit Quiz World Finals
2010 Edinburgh Scotland
2011 Hamilton New Zealand (20th Anniversary)
2012 Auckland New Zealand
2013 Cape Town South Africa
2014 Oxford England
Contact Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada
for more information and pricing.mailto:kidslitquizcanada@gmail.comshapeimage_8_link_0
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Kids’ Lit Quiz is not for profit and run entirely by volunteers. Are you a Kids’ Lit Quiz Whiz?
What do the initials BFG stand for?  Who wrote The Hunger Games?
 Who lives in the Emerald City? What was the American title of Northern Lights? 
Where would you find Eeyore?
Kids’ Lit Quiz ‘Sport of Reading’ Tshirts and buttons are available to purchase.