Frequently Asked Questions

How old are the team members?

The quiz is designed for students from 10 – 13 years old.

Nine-year-olds are permitted to play, however books at the higher level include titles such as The Hunger Games or The Book Thief, which may not be appropriate for younger students. If the team advances to the National Final or the World Final, all players are expected to travel with the team; this must also be a consideration for younger players.

The upper age restriction is strictly enforced to make the contest standard across all 14 countries where students take part. 13-year-olds may participate provided they will not turn 14 on or before July 1, 2020.

What if I have grade 8 students who want to play?

Older grade 8 students can participate by helping to coach teams. A student who is 13 at the time of the regional quiz, but who will turn 14 on or before July 1, 2020, may not be part of a team.

If any member of a team is found to be older than allowed, the entire team will be disqualified.

Can a team participate with 2 or 3 students?

Teams have 4 players. Teams can participate with 3 members if a student is ill on the day of the quiz. However, if that team were to advance to the National Final, they can not add a fourth player, and would be at a disadvantage.

Can a parent register a team?

No. Parents are welcome to assist with coaching a team but the registration must come from a teacher, librarian, or school principal as the students will be representing their school.

Can home-schooled students participate?

There are about 6 home-schooled teams across the world, but there are restrictions as to who can compete. Team members must be part of a home-school group that meets regularly. Home-schooled children who are taught individually cannot be brought together just for the competition. They must know each other well and be part of an established group.

Can we substitute players?

If a team member is ill on the day of the quiz, a replacement can fill in as long as we have their permission form in advance. Substitutions can not be made once the quiz has started.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the quiz is $100 per team. A school can register one, two, or three teams. Registration fees are non-refundable. Refunds will only be issued if a scheduled event is cancelled by Kids’ Lit Quiz.

Is there a deadline to register?

All registrations and permission forms must be received at least two weeks before the quiz.

How do we pay?

* Payment can be made through Paypal on the website (a $6 service fee is added) by your paypal account or credit card; 

* by etransfer to Please put the school name as the password;

* by sending a cheque to P.O. Box 19045 Walmer, Toronto, ON M5S 3C9 made payable to Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada;

* TDSB Schools only are able to do a direct deposit through the board by submitting a request along with a copy of the invoice provided by KLQ. 

Where does the money go?

Registration fees and funds raised from sponsors are used to pay for the Quiz content, Quiz Master travel expenses, venue rental where needed, prize money and prize books where they are not donated, fees for insurance, accounting, telephone, P.O. Box, and storage.  Funds are also used to help subsidize travel expenses for teams that advance to the National and World Final. Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada is a registered charity.

Where can I find media release forms?

Forms are available on this website on the Forms page.

How long is the quiz?

The Quiz takes 3 hours from start to finish. There is a break partway through.

Is there somewhere to eat lunches?

Each venue is different. Your regional coordinator will contact you before the event with details about parking, directions within the building, and other information.

Do the questions reflect a diverse student population?

The questions in the quiz cover a wide variety of authors and genres, from many cultures, including comic books, graphic novels and books that have been made into movies. Students are often surprised at how much they know. KLQ is a group challenge where students are rewarded for working together, trying something new, and learning about interesting books.  Curiosity to explore new titles is often ignited.  Students from different cultures often do well in the myth category where stories overlap with religion and oral storytelling.

Can parents watch?

Absolutely! It is so important for children to see that their parents value reading as much as any other activity. Audience members can also win prizes by answering literary quiz questions between rounds.

If my team advances to the National Final, how do we pay for the trip?

Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada offers a travel subsidy to winning teams to cover the cost of travel to the National Final.