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Australia crowned Kids’ Lit Quiz world champions 2018
Lee Academy students to compete Kids Lit Quiz World Finals
Lynden’s Lee Academy representing Canada in New Zealand
Young reader on way to New Zealand

Quill & Quire:
Book “nerds” rule the day at the Kids’ Lit Quiz


Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada on CTV News!

Kids’ Lit Quiz World Final: Congrats to South Africa! Read more here. And here!


Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada 2016: The Road to New Zealand

Kids Lit Quiz Canada 2016: The Road to New Zealand
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Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada- What is it?

Kids' Lit Quiz Canada: What Is It?
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South Africa’s Literary whizz-kids

SA’s Literary whizz-kids
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POSB-NLB Kids’ Lit Quiz 2016 Singapore

POSB-NLB Kids’ Lit Quiz 2016 Singapore
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New Zealand coverage of the World Final 2016
Kiwi boys take gold in tense eight-nation Kids Literature Quiz
Behind the scenes at the International Kids’ Lit Quiz


“The participants are known to astonish the adult audience with their vast knowledge of authors, settings, titles and openings, often on books that precede their birth by several decades.”
Durban bookworms poised to surface in US, Sunday Times, South Africa, June 26 2015

Video: Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada 2015


The Storysellers, Chapter 2 from The Economist 1843

Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada 2014 Video

Kids' Lit Quiz 2014
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“As the quiz has grown so too has the evidence of its benefits to kids’ reading. There’s a growing body of work and research to show that the quiz is improving their reading range and age levels. One obvious improvement is the increase of boys’ participation in the quiz. Now about 50 per cent of the contestants are boys, who have traditionally lagged behind girls in reading ability.”
Tzar retires but Kids’ Lit Quiz reign continues, University of Auckland Faculty of Education and Social Work News, New Zealand, June 27 2014


Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada 2013 Video

Kids' Lit Quiz Canada, 2013
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“The critical thinkers in a school are the readers… Reading builds critical thinking, citizenship and tolerance. Literacy is far more than understanding words on a page.”
– Marj Brown, KLQ South Africa Coordinator
The remarkable sport of reading, The Witness, South Africa, July 10 2013


Kids’ Lit Quiz Canada 2012 Video

Kids' Lit Quiz Canada, 2012
Watch this video on YouTube.

“This is pure engagement.”
– Thelma Sambrook, Summit Heights Principal
Toronto schools ace Kids’ Lit Quiz, Toronto Star, February 7 2012
Video: Kids test their literary knowledge

“Think of it as the World Cup of Reading, a new sport sure to change the world. I for one am hooked, a fan for life.”
–Philippa Dowding, Canadian children’s author
Author’s Blog: Why the Kids’ Lit Quiz will change the world …, February 8 2012

“An “Awesome Authors” team of Lena Coakley, Philippa Dowding, Anne Dublin and CCBN Editor Gillian O’Reilly matched their wits with the young readers. Mabel’s Fables Bookstore gave out book prizes after each round, the adult audience also competed for gift certificates from Mabel’s Fables, and authors Kevin Sylvester and Jonathan Auxier were on hand to share in the fun. The Hon. Laurel Broten, Ontario’s Minister of Education, came to announce the winning team and to congratulate all the participants.”
All Fired Up! Getting excited about books across Canada, Canadian Children’s Book News, Spring 2012external, PDF document

“Reading books is still cool in the digital age.”
Quiz whizzes top of the class, Sunday Star Times, New Zealand, July 8 2012


“What if reading could generate as much excitement as a hockey game?”
Bright Idea, People for Education Newsletter, March 23 2011external, PDF document

“We had a surge of interest in the event from Grades 7 and 8 students from different pockets of the school, especially from those who don’t always have a chance to take part in the school team experience… Literacy was the real winner of the Kids’ Lit Quiz experience.”
Chapter 8: Promoting Reading as Literacy Events by Rachael Swartz, in Caught in the Middle, Reading and Writing in the Transition Years, edited by David Booth


“The Kids’ Lit team can’t say enough good things about the experience. Matt says, “People always say reading takes you places. It’s usually just in your head, but this year, reading is taking us to Edinburgh.”
Keegan chips in: “And maybe, after that, the Intergalactic Kids’ Lit Quiz on Jupiter.””
Sunday Times, South Africa, March 2010