Coaches say…

Kids’ Lit Quiz coaches tell us how much they enjoy participating!

“KLQ and our school Reading Team has proved to be an place for those students who might not be sports stars or performers. Many of our Team members don’t do any other co-curricular activity because they’d rather read. This gives them the opportunity to meet like minded students in other grades. The quiz itself, allows them to be celebrated for what they love to do. I was that kid in school who would rather be in a book than with other students. I would love to have had this kind of opportunity when I was in school.”

“KLQ was a wonderful experience for my students. They were excited to prepare and to be involved in the event. KLQ brought together a disparate group of students who worked and thrived as a team, and loved every minute of it!”

“At an age where screens seem to replace stories and books as entertainment for our students, KLQ offers a wonderful return to a love of literature and reading. It allows students to be part of a community that values a passion for reading, a discussion of ideas and the thrill of a good book.”
C. Kirkland

“At each school assembly we have a kidslit segment where kids face-off against teachers with student-written questions. It helps generate buzz around reading and the club.”
Hillcrest PS librarian

“This was my first year coordinating KLQ at our school. As a new teacher-librarian, and I was floored by the excitement felt by the students who had participated in the regional heat in past years with the support of our former TL. I recruited student coaches, and they expertly led the weekly practices using the material shared on the KLQ website. The program helped to light a spark in even the most reluctant readers. We can’t wait to participate again next year – the students are already planning a mini in-school competition!”
K. Rogers-Hern

“KLQ engages readers and reluctant readers to be excited about books. Students start to recognize they know more than they realize when it comes to “book knowledge”. Reading and talking about books come together in a way that makes it cool to be the reader and the friend of the reader.”
F. Faraj

“KLQ is a unique program that targets students who love to read and want to work as a team. At the end of our first competition day my teams were calculating how many more years they would be able to compete. Parents of the team member contacted me to share how important this team experience was for their child. It positively impacted their self confidence, ability to work with others and motivation to read.”
A. Julian